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آن تخیل و فانتزی هست را بیشتر می‌بیند اما این دلیل نمی‌شود که ما بخواهیم در قالب‌ها ارجحیتی قائل شویم. بیشترین قالب‌هایی که برای کودک در نظر گرفته شده است قالب‌های انیمیشن و عروسکی هست. و برنامه ترکیبی برای کودک و خردسال کمتر استفاده می‌شود و بیشتر برنامه‌های عروسکی و داستانی و نمایشی است ولی این استفاده‌ها دلیل بر ارجحیت آنها نیست و ما شاید بتوانیم در یک قالب مستندی که با فکر و طراحی درستی برای کودک ساخته شود اثرگذاری بهتری داشته باشیم که حتی یک انیمیشن خوب هم نداشته باشد. حالا درست است که در انیمیشن دست برنامه‌ساز برای تخیل و ایجاد جنبه‌های فانتزی بیشتر است ولی مهم آن هدف برنامه است و اینکه ما آن هدف را در کدام ظرف بچینیم.


In this study, we tried to find some factors that could be in the form of moral concepts to children’s programming may be conveying to the children to be successful. In this study, we initially thought we would find a format or formats that will do the job messaging moral concepts to children. But in the end we came to the conclusion that all formats have the messaging capacity, but this capacity is due to the idea and theme and character of the audience will be different.
To obtain answers to these questions, we turn to the developers and domain experts for Children and Media. And have been informed by the views and experiences in the design inquiries about this topic. We attempt to extract results with Grounded theory method. And then we found the results to be obtained in a series of indices for examining programs to achieve their success rate. And according to the same indices table was designed according to the characteristics of each program level scores, the percentage of success in conveying moral concepts of child and adolescent audiences has been determined.
Among the findings was that if a program wants to be successful must be generated based on the programming technology, which presupposes that the experts have confirmed. And specializes in the production of the program to be used. This may be true as well. But with proper research and proper understanding of the characteristics and needs of the audience is impossible.
Finally We evaluate the success of eight, children’s programs, of Quran Sima channel and sat7pars channel with table isolated. It was clear from the Quran Sima channel with average 5/73% more than the average 25/58 percent sat7pars channel function have been successful for conveying moral concepts.

مطلب مرتبط :   زیان‌، سبب‌، خسارت‌، اسباب‌

Keywords: successful children programming’s formats, Moral concepts of the religion, Conveying moral of religion, Characteristics success programm to convey a moral of religion, Children Media and Religion, Favourite genre of children, Interesting element of Child programming.

I.R.I.B University
Department of media’s arts
M.Sc. Thesis on Theoretical Television Production (M.A)

Title of Thesis :
The Survey of Successful models of programming in Transmission of Moral Concepts of Religion in children programming between sat7pars channel and quran channel

Dr.seyyed alimouhammad dibaji

Mahmoud Alipour khashab

Summer 2014