friendship، exoneration، Hajj، “man

communication functions of friendship and exoneration in Hajj is studied.
To achieve the above mentioned goal, qualitative research methods and functionalist approach for analyzing the Islamic sources are used.
According to this study Hajj Ritual consists of different kind of friendship and exoneration.
Finding of this research: This paper shows how, two principle of friendship and exoneration influence on communication between man and himself, his God, his Fellowman and nature.
Some of these functions in relation between “man and his God” are forgiveness, imitation to angels, devotion, and perfectness, the intercession of angels, prayer, and piety and so on.
Principles of friendship and exoneration in the relationship between “man and his Fellowman” leads to boosting businesses, exclusion social classes, serving recommit to the province, training efforts in life, keep the divine rites, promoting religion, Islam’s power, helping the poor, awakening, awareness, drawing policy Islamic Republic of unity among Muslims and set aside differences and similarities of the Infallible Imams concerts and in communication.
And in relation between “man and himself” it leads to self-knowledge.
And in relation between “man and nature” it leads to protecting the environment.
Key words: communicational function, friendship and exoneration, Hajj ritual.

University of Qur’an and Hadith
Master’s thesis

Communicational functions of
friendship and exoneration in Hajj ritual

Hujjatul-Islam Dr. Khanmuhammadi

S. Ismail Mousavi