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f family rather, he accepts the assignment of rights and women’s issues both know the same coin. Women’s rights in the family and commitment so that women carry out their duties effectively in the family knows the strength of the family and So their only way out of the current women’s issues and root penetration of humanist culture that makes the hatchet family and the destruction of civilization is the actual execution of commands Islam Islamic civilization as they know it to look at it “is evident..

Key words:Women, the Family, Opinions, Ayatollah Khamenei.

University of Isfahan

Ahl al-Bayt University Faculty of Education (PBUH)

Department of Women’s Studies

M.A. Thesis

Analysis on the role of women in family decisions Leader


Dr. Amir Hossein Banki poorfard


Dr. Mehrdad Kalantari


Zahra, Karami Sadegh abadi

2013 October






5.Ayatollah Khameni



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